102 Pizza Recipes // Pizza Challenge III

Having a complete list of every existing recipe involving Pizza is always been one of my dreams but I’ve never found something like it anywhere (Probably because it’s a crazy thing and people have better things to do) so I decided to do it on my own.
Also this underlines the thing I was talking about in yesterday’s post: Pizza should not be considered strictly an italian dish. Many of the recipes  that are in this list only exist outside Italy (in America.).  A clear example of this is the Calzone-Stromboli issue. Calzone is a typical italian dish, Stromboli seems to me a variation of it, but instead it’s a different recipe created in America.

Please, if you have any recipe to suggest write me or leave a comment.
I am willing to update this every time I found a new recipe.
Does the fact that I made this huge list smiling when finding a new recipe make me creepy? Boyfriend says a little I say it was fun.
These are not my recipes, i just put them together so a special thanks to every blog/website/Pinterest account for putting these online. 

Dough and crust


Main Course


Dip and fondue  




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