The IE crowd

Irish contemporary cuisine is a clear example of the pride Irish people have of their roots.
When I first arrived in Ireland I didn’t know anything about Ireland’s food and I got positively shocked by it.
Prices in the shops were incredibly low but quality was still very high and mostly everything had a fair trade label or something that was endorsing the Irish origin of the product itself.
As time went by, I understood that the inducement of the Irish, local, production was the celebration of the Irish high quality standards and great tradition. Tradition which here is seen as a great strength that doesn’t need to be kept alive because it’s already prospering in daily life of the people.  Traditional dishes are still consumed and celebrated, even if other international cuisines such as Chinese, Indian and Polish, are entering Irish kitchens.
This is not a common thing  to see during the times of globalization in which everyone seem to have lost their own roots or not to have enough time to preserve them.
This is one of the many reasons why Ireland, in my personal opinion, is the new food paradise.
And  what better time to talk about Irish food than while waiting for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Moone Boy(s) agreeing with me

(By the way, if you love life, you have to watch Moone Boy! )

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