Shameless Craving

Sometimes I have revelations: Big ones.
Revelations that open my mind and my heart but mostly my stomach.
Well, probably because they coincide with my hunger.
So I decided to share them and to reveal my deepest secrets and dreams with the World Wide Web.

My theory for the day is that eating is useless. IF you don’t eat what you really want.
I don’t trust any kind of diet, I don’t trust planning and I don’t trust healthy options.
I firmly believe that satisfying my needs and my desires is more important than everything else.

This morning, for example, I woke up starving, ate a donut and felt unsatisfied.
A Donut, right!
It’s one of the most satisfying fatty things ever existed and I felt nothing. At first, I thought I became a monster, a bottomless hole. But then I realized, that it could have been the best donut I ever had but it wasn’t what I really wanted and so it was useless eating it. What I was craving for was a tuna sandwich.
I did wanted it from the day before and I realized I could have eat an Elephant and I still would have felt hungry.  I am often under the spell of this desires (once I kept thinking about ravioli for two weeks.) and yet it is still hard to recognize them sometimes. Exactly like love (except you constantly change your object of interest).699ccce07cd7c8ca34ef0815626b6676
Other times, it’s love at the first thought, feelings become so powerful I can’t ignore them .
This explanation anyway, is not a nice justification for irresponsible eating and greed. In fact, I take my food very seriously joking about it.
Unfortunately, our mind and stomach sometimes play against us, making us wanting things that are not exactly the healthiest thing: it is called self sabotage.
There are so many various reasons a person eats and by eating hurts his body, instead of helping it.
While pinning the other day I came across a chart like this one that explains what your body really is craving for and I really got fascinated by that. So I decided to eat more of those healthy things and see it the amount of unhealthy food is actually going to decrease.

Sometimes I remind myself of the philosoraptor.

if-drug-addicts-are-called-junkies-then-what-are-junk-food-addicts-called-thumbso many questons about pizza

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