Pizza Challenge//Living la Pizza Loca

Bad weather puts me in a moody mood.
Not having the heating working makes me in a bad mood.
Flu puts me in a terrible mood.
Being so clumsy and dazed that I fall and hurt myself just standing to get a glass of water puts me in a grumpy mood.
But there is a magical thing that will always, always put a smile on my face and that is Pizza.


Pizza is the beginning of every solution.
Sunday is boring? Make pizza!
Outside is cold? Have a warm pizza!
You hungry? Pizza is here for you!

I can be grumpy, sick or whatever bad thing you can think about but pizza will always cheer me up. I love every kind of pizza and since I registered on Pinterest I discovered brand new levels of pizza(ing). Thank you Internet.
I am so into pizza I decided to challenge myself to see how much I can go on talking about my love. So, during the next week I’ll try to write everyday about pizza.
It’s time to make some serious pizza shit. Not literary.

And for the record,I did use the word pizza 12 times in this post. (I don’t like synonyms.)
How many times will I use it in a week?

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