The Graze experience

Since I arrived in Bundoran, I rediscovered telly. It was a surprise to me realize that an interesting, funny and intelligent television is an existing, possible thing.
So many interesting documentaries and commercials are funny and catchy as they should be.
Beside the amazing dancing pony by three (here. U must see this) and others superfunny ads, what got my attention was the one from is a website where you can order a box of healthy snacks and have it delivered at your door the next day. As the lazy and always hungry person I am, I did wanted it so bad. But as soon as I got the internet I was disappointed as they don’t ship to the republic of Ireland but only Northern Ireland.
I couldn’t have it but I still wanted to know more about it: was it really a guilt-free/healthy snack? Was it really good as it seems?  So I asked my friend Chiara, who lives in London to try it for me. (actually I call her Pata, which is the Italian contraction for potato. Sorry, I just felt like you needed to know this.)
My friend Pata is a really cool person who likes food very much and so she accepted and yesterday she sent me her and her flatmates review about the first box. DSC_0026
Every box has four snacks, so these are the impressions for each one of them:

Cinnamon and apple flapjack.
Polly: “taste like fish…and cinnamon. Too Hipster”
Arianna: after a hesitancy about chewablity said “too healthy”
Pata: enjoyed it.

Polly: “Choccolate is tasteless, what are these? Beetroots?” Burp
Arianna: “these almonds are so tasty, well they couldn’t change this”
Pata: “well it’s good but not as good as a billionaire’s thing. But I enjoy it”
Ricky: “What the hell is this stuff? Bird feed? Well this is good at least”

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios.
Only Pata likes Pistachios so she really enjoys them by herself.

My Thai (sweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites.
Only Pata ate them and her responce is “ COOL”

From this experience I learnt three things:
1. Now that I know that the box seems to be good as it look, I want it even more.
2. Advertisement are not always fake.
3. My friend Pata is a glutton.

One thought on “The Graze experience

  1. I’ve had Graze boxes a few times over the years. The best thing about them is that you get to try some things you might not have tried before, and of course the surprise element is fun – like a mini Christmas every time 🙂
    For me, the “pudding” things like brownie and flapjacks aren’t worth it as I’d rather make my own and the Graze ones don’t taste so good as homemade or bakery bought. But you can choose never to get certain items so that’s nice.
    For convenience it’s great, but for value you’d be better off going to your local supermarket and buying a selection of fruits, nuts, crackers and marinated vegetables then portioning them out yourself … more work, though.
    The website’s fun to browse and it does make you want to buy the things. But if you’re always hungry, I doubt a Graze box would do enough to satisfy 🙂

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