Critical Monday – Blue Sushi

This year’s Blue Monday is almost finished!
Believe it or not, this day seems to be the most depressing day of the year. Studies have shown, Statistics have prove, people researched tocome to the conclusion that Monday sucks. Especially this one.
And I do love science people for proving things that normally are considered superstition. That’s why this post is on hap mode and not on grumpy one.

Today, anyway, it hasn’t been a proper happy day for me. I can’t tell exactly why but I was in a mumble-mumble mood all day and when I am this mumble, not finding what I am looking for makes everything even worse.
What I was looking for was a sushi restaurant in the Donegal area or anywhere in the West Ireland but I couldn’t find anything.
Why are sushi restaurants only in Dublin? Why? 

I have been living in Milan for 3 years, where is impossible not to grow a serious addiction to sushi.
In Milan there is a sushi-Japanese restaurant every 2 meters. I am not joking. It’s like Japanese people is brainwashing you: you live in Milan, you eat sushi.
Ireland, on the other hand, is so full of Chinese and Indian take away and restaurants and I do love it for that, but why there is no place where to have sushi except in Dublin?  Last night, while watching blooper of the IT Crowd, a very powerful desire of rice and raw fish caught me and so this morning I went shopping groceries at Aldi, in Donegal Town. But there I couldn’t find anything to make sushi with on my own. Neither the right rice, nor the seaweed.

There was every 6 different types of curried rice but nothing sushi related. Do I really have to cross the whole Ireland to eat a maki?And as if it wasn’t enough came out with this before.

Oh, my broken heart (and empty stomach).

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