The choc&cheese&onion Tayto Experience

image (5)As a foreigner who didn’t know anything specific about Ireland until I moved in, the first time I went shopping groceries I got so shocked. Positively.
The incredible quality of vegetables and meat, the super-super cheap prices, the variety of food you can find in stores. Just amazing. 
In order to have have such a large variety of products and to widen the range constantly to offer new products to the customers, experimenting is necessary.
But sometimes, something, just goes wrong.
The other day, I went to buy milk at my local shop and at the cash register I saw Tayto milk chocolate bar with cheese & onion crisps. I couldn’t believe it: chocolate? Onion? Cheese? In the same bar? Seriously?
I bought it without even thinking about it. I had to try! Maybe the taste would have surprised me.

Here you have a reportage of my honest response to the first and only bite.

image image (1) image (2) image (3)











Well, it did not. It just sucked as expected.
Probably the real question you would ask yourself now, is what’s wrong with the irish potato chip brand to do such a dreadful thing to the world.
I found the answer reading articles and post around the internet about this same bar.
It seems to be a very common thing among Irish people to eat crisps and right after that, some chocolate. And beside my disgust, I also found out that there have been also people who didn’t mind it and who’s only complain was that there wasn’t enough crisps in it.

Thank god it was a limited edition!


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