Critical Monday // Water you doing?

_MG_7052Before opening my eyes, this morning, I realized that this would have been a terrible day. Both because my adorable boyfriend has the habit of setting an incredible number of alarm clocks every morning at absurd hours (and for the record, I hear them and he doesn’t) and also because my kidneys are still hurting from yesterday.
Oh, and it’s also Monday, and Mondays are bad days for everyone in the world.
So I decided to write a lovely article to complain.
Left, you can see a picture of me through the big bottle that hurt my belly.

After finding out that my kidneys hurt because the water I drink contains too much calcium and bicarbonate, I checked every supermarket website I know to look for prices and others waters and a question crossed my mind: Why is the bottled water so expensive in a country that is surrounded by water and where it rains so often?

_MG_7053 Maybe they have less springs and they have to import it or maybe most of the irish citizens drink tap water and so the bottled one is more expensive because of the less request. After the Google-enthusiastic moment I came across a website made especially to inform about water related issue here in Ireland, and after a little reading I decided to try tap water for a while. It is free, safe because checked every day. So I don’t see any reason not to give it a try and stop spending half of my weekly food-budget for water. On the right, an artistic, sarcastically abstract and a little hipster picture of the big bottle.  So, Have a waterful Monday people!

p.s.  This post shouldn’t have been on bottled water but on kale, that hipster-omnipresent kale. But checking the Aldi website I saw it was on sale and so I decided to try it before writing about how much I (h)ate it.


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