Last night I had this weird dream about a sunrise and a fire in the wood.
After googling “what the hell does my dream mean?” I just came up with the idea that I needed a fresh  start so I decided to stop procrastinating my life and start over.
With the better intention ever I realized it was the time to start doing the things I always wanted: eating more healthy, start exercising, find a job… so, to prove myself I was serious, I bravely drank my coffee without sugar, which is like a really hard thing for me because I LOVE sugar, and while eating my healthy breakfast I decided the time had come to start a new blog.

So here I am welcoming you in the warmest way possible to join me in this new experience.
But, “What is this all about? “You would say.

Well, it is about food but mostly the things I try, eat and discover every day. For me, this is a challenge to prove myself I am able to be a constant writer and photographer.


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